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- Team of expert lawyers 

- Attorneys

- Bankruptcy Administrator

- Compliance Officer

- Arbitrator and Mediator  Civil,  Commercial and Bankruptcy 

- Privacy Experts (Lopd)

- Social Graduates

- Tax Advisors

- Accountants

- Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention




                - Work Safety


                - Ergonomics and Psychosociology


                - Industrial hygiene

abogado de sevilla

      Our legal services firm advises both natural and legal persons, with a vocation   professional and specialization in various branches of law.   

All lawyers identify themselves by empathy towards the  clients, specialization and  availability, that we  Consolidation as a recognized firm in the legal sector.  Ethics and loyalty are the pillars that sustain the relationship with our clients, which make us creditors of their trust, providing them with effective solutions, establishing a close professional relationship and stable and lasting assistance.

We are backed by experience and prestige, and actively participating in the legal and economic field.  Our specialization is conceived thanks to continuous training  already research  that qualifies us to determine strategies in the legal field. Our professionals are independent and are governed by strict ethical principles. Customer relationships are based on trust, with rapid response and availability, since in a global and changing scenario, agility is a fundamental value to achieve success.

Knowledge management and technological innovation:  we are aware of the important role that information and technology play in the business world of the 21st century. We have an effective knowledge management system and all the technical resources necessary to offer the best advice.



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